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13 Sep 2023

Billion-Dollar Nursing Education Market In US Growth Analysis | Azusa Pacific University, Columbia University, and Emory University are among the significant contributors

Competitive Benchmarking and Forecasts for Core Companies 2023-2027

Rising demand for competency-based learning is notably driving the demand for the US nursing education market. It is estimated that the Nursing Education Market In US to exhibit growth at a CAGR of 21.12% between 2022 and 2027 followed by a revenue growth of USD 65.65 Bn.

"Navigating through the eccentric market drivers it has been observed that Competency-based learning entails a variety of instructional, assessment, grading, and academic reporting systems that culminate in students demonstrating their knowledge and skills as they progress through their education. It has made its mark in the healthcare industry in recent years."

Technavio's report on the Nursing Education Market research offers a detailed analysis of the market segments, delving deep into the factors that will lead to the growth of each segment. It also offers insights that are likely to have a negative impact on market growth followed by a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape of the market and information that will enable clients to identify areas of growth and steer clear of the low-performing segments.

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Nursing Education Market in US Data Analysis 

Key Players in the Nursing Education Market in US: The market for US Nursing Education can be segmented by type (graduate courses and postgraduate courses) and end-user (hospitals and home healthcare services).

Education institutes are coming up with competency-based learning courses and a wide range of other offerings which can be either for graduate courses or postgraduate courses. Prominent names that are profiled in our report and are worth mentioning are Columbia University, Emory University, NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, PLATTCOLORADO, Rush University, The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, The Ohio State University, The University of Iowa, University of California, University of Maryland School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA etc.

For instance, Azusa Pacific University offers the master of science in nursing education program which gives comprehensive preparation for teaching nursing in academic and clinical settings. Our report includes qualitative and quantitative analyses of market leaders with a wider understanding of the business ecosystem. 

Technavio's research report provides insights into the top market players and their product portfolio along with a pipeline analysis of upcoming developments and growth opportunities. The growth of the players depends on several factors market players must distinguish their product and service offerings through a clear and unique value proposition. Download our sample report on the Nursing Education Market in US

Nursing Education Market In the US: Market Highlights

  • The Nursing education market US is segmented by Type (Graduate courses and Postgraduate courses) and End-user (Hospitals and Home healthcare services).
  • The US led the market with 100% of the market growth set to originate from this region during the forecast period.
  • Rising demand for competency-based learning is one of the primary factors driving the growth of the nursing education market in the US. The report provides a detailed study of this and all the other drivers that will boost market growth. An understanding of the key drivers will enable clients to leverage growth opportunities to their advantage with a view to short-term and long-term business goals. 
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