Authored By: Sarah
30 Nov 2023

Digital Market to rise up USD 323.29 Bn, Thanks to Digitization

Digital transformation across multiple sectors is propelling the Digital Market advancement worldwide be it media, entertainment, telecom, and education sectors.Technological advancements such as 4G and 5G improve access to high-speed internet, while smartphone digital marketing change user preferences and encourages tech adoption.Its lets users view videos via various devices, including laptops, TVs, and desktops. Cutting-Edge technology such as IoT, cloud computing, big data, AI, and augmented reality transforming the Digital Marketing dynamics across the globe.

Spending on Digital Market as per forecast, It is anticipated that the market would grow by USD 323.29 Bn, followed by a compound annual growth rate of 8.71% through 2023-2027.

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Snapshot of Digital Market Analysis

RTB-based advertising is now available on sites including Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. Google came next, with Yahoo being the pioneer in this regard, these markets are currently supply-side platforms.Alphabet Inc., AppLovin Corp., Dentsu Group Inc., Disruptive Advertising Inc., Ignite Visibility LLC, L7 Creative, Meta Platforms Inc., Microsoft Corp., Omnicom Group Inc., Oracle Corp., are some of the leading brands contributing significantly across Digital Market domain.

For Instance, Facebook introduced FBX, an ad-exchange platform, to capitalize on the advantages of revenue-based advertising.  The worldwide RTB market is anticipated to develop significantly during the projected period due to a rise in Facebook logins, which will also help fuel the expansion of the global market for digital market expenditure.

As the market evolves in next five years, adoption of e-commerce and urbanization will further boost the market. Advanced economies, like Japan and Australia will notably drive the market, but slowly there will be shift towards the emerging economies. Avail complete profiling of these main businesses in our best-selling report on the Digital Market.

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