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06 Feb 2024

Operations Support Business Support Software Market Propels Forward Anticipating USD 52.18 Billion Revenue Expansion

In a significant development, the Operations Support Business Support Software Market is poised for robust growth, projecting a compelling market growth at a CAGR of 13.24% from 2023 to 2027, accompanied by an estimated market size increment of USD 52.18 billion. This upswing is attributed to key factors, including the escalating adoption of cloud-based Business Support Systems (BSS), swift integration of convergent billing systems, and substantial investments in LTE-A technology.

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Rapid Adoption of Convergent Billing Systems

A prominent driver steering the OSS BSS software market is the swift adoption of convergent billing systems. In the fiercely competitive telecommunications sector, Swift's adoption of convergent billing systems is reshaping revenue management. Empowering companies with unified frameworks for pricing and rating, these systems drive innovation in business models. Convergent billing systems empower novel business models by providing a unified framework for pricing and rating, enabling differentiated, customized, and segmented market propositions.

Trend Towards 5G: Growing pre-commercial Trials.

In the global rise of 5G trials, a pivotal trend aligns with the increasing demand for OSS BSS software. Enterprises conduct trials, establishing the groundwork for 5G network deployment across various applications. The growing number of 5G installations amplifies the demand for OSS BSS software, empowering telecom providers with effective tools for order and fraud management, revenue management, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Market Leaders Pioneering Innovation

Major industry players such as Cerillion Plc, CHR Solutions, Comarch SA, and others lead the charge, leveraging strategic alliances, partnerships, and technological innovations to fortify their market presence.

Some of the core offerings from core companies

  • Accenture Plc offers operations support business support software such as Business Process Outsourcing.
  • Amdocs Ltd. offers operations support business support software such as iPaaS which is an industry-focused integration framework.
  • Aria Systems Inc. offers operations support business support solutions to build an autonomous business, secure data, and provide a seamless experience for customers and business users.

This dynamic market, encompassing Operations Support Software, Business Support Software, and OSS/BSS Solutions, is poised for transformative growth.

Investors and industry leaders are urged to take notice, as the OSS BSS software market undergoes dynamic evolution, heralding an era of unprecedented growth, innovation, and transformative solutions in the telecommunications landscape. Download OSS BSS Software Market Sample Report Now

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