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11 Jul 2024

 Echocardiography (Ecg) Devices Market Size to grow by USD 5267.6 million between 2024-2028

According to a research report “ Echocardiography (Ecg) Devices Market” by End-user (Hospitals, Diagnostic centers) Product (Resting, Ambulatory, Stress) Geography (North America, Europe, Asia, Rest of World (ROW))- Global Forecast to 2028 published by Technavio, the market size is estimated to grow by USD 5267.6 million, at a CAGR of almost 6.78% during the forecast period. Hypertension, a leading cause of heart failure, is a global health concern, affecting over half a billion people and resulting in approximately 20.5 million deaths in 2021, accounting for nearly one-third of all global mortalities. This condition, characterized by elevated blood pressure in the arteries, is primarily attributed to unhealthy diets, increased stress, and sedentary lifestyles. The prevalence of hypertension continues to escalate, posing a significant risk for cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and stroke. Echocardiography (ECG) devices play a crucial role in diagnosing and managing heart conditions related to hypertension, offering valuable insights into heart function and structure.

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By End-user, the Hospitals segment is projected to dominate the market size in 2024

The ECG (Echocardiography) devices market encompasses non-invasive Resting ECG systems, which are essential diagnostic tools for observing a patient's heart's natural electrical activity while at rest. These devices provide valuable insights into various heart conditions, such as left ventricular hypertrophy, ischemia, myocardial infarction, sequelae of myocardial infarction, and cardiac arrhythmias. Resting ECGs are indispensable in diagnosing seizures, difficulty in breathing, fainting, and unusual heart rhythms. They are also utilized to assess recent heart attacks or cardiac events. As the most frequently used diagnostic tool for measuring heart electrical activity, Resting ECG devices are a vital investment for healthcare providers, ensuring accurate and efficient patient care.

By Product, Resting  segment is expected to hold the largest market size for the year 2024

The echocardiography (ECG) devices market is anticipated to experience robust growth due to the increasing identification of cardiomyopathies, such as dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathies, through non-invasive echocardiography procedures. This diagnostic technique holds significant value in the assessment of chest pain or related symptoms, which may indicate heart disease. Echocardiography's primary advantages include its non-invasive nature and absence of known risks or adverse effects, leading to a growing preference among patients and healthcare providers. Moreover, not all hospitals are equipped with ECG devices, providing diagnostic centers with an opportunity to acquire these devices and offer specialized services.

North America is forecasted to hold the largest market size by region in 2024

The ECG devices market represents a significant business opportunity due to the growing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and the increasing demand for non-invasive diagnostic tools. These devices provide valuable insights into cardiac function and help healthcare professionals make informed decisions regarding patient care. Advanced technologies, such as 3D and 4D echocardiography, offer enhanced diagnostic capabilities and are expected to drive market growth. The market is expected to witness robust expansion in the coming years, driven by technological innovations and rising healthcare expenditures.

The Echocardiography (Ecg) Devices Market growth and forecasting report also includes detailed analyses of the competitive landscape of the market growth and forecasting and information about 20 market companies, including:

  • AliveCor Inc.
  • Allengers Medical Systems Ltd.
  • Baxter International Inc.
  • Bionet Co. Ltd.
  • Biotricity Inc.
  • Bittium Corp.
  • Cardinal Health Inc.
  • DMS Service LLC
  • Fukuda Denshi Co. Ltd
  • General Electric Co.
  • Halma Plc
  • iRhythm Technologies Inc.
  • Johnson and Johnson Services Inc.
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • Medtronic Plc
  • Nasiff Associates Inc.
  • Nihon Kohden Corp.
  • Norav Medical
  • OSI Systems Inc.
  • QT Medical

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Research Analysis Overview

The ECG (Echocardiography) devices market is witnessing significant growth due to the increasing demand for workflow optimization and efficiency in Cardiovascular Imaging. The use of advanced technologies, such as the Ultrasound 3300 system at Saarland University Hospital's Heart Center Leipzig, is revolutionizing diagnostic procedures for uncontrolled hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. These noninvasive diagnostic procedures utilize ultrasonic sound waves to assess heart function, detecting conditions like Atrial Fibrillation, valve abnormalities, and blood clots in the Heart's chambers. Technological developments in echocardiography include stress cardiac ultrasound, Transesophageal, and Transthoracic methods. The Global echocardiography market is expected to grow due to the rising prevalence of cardiovascular disease and the need for accurate, real-time diagnostic tools. The British Heart Foundation emphasizes the importance of early detection and treatment, making echocardiography a crucial component in cardiovascular care. With continuous advancements in transducer technology, echocardiography will continue to play a vital role in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular conditions.

Market Research Overview

Title: Echocardiography (ECG) Devices Market: Advancements in 2D Echo Imaging, AI-driven Technology, and Diagnostic Efficiency The Echocardiography (ECG) devices market is witnessing significant growth due to technological developments in 2D echo imaging, neural network-based algorithms, and AI-driven diagnostics. These advancements are leading to rapid diagnosis, workflow optimization, and efficiency in Cardiovascular Imaging and General Imaging. Key players in the market include Philips Healthcare with their Ultraseries Ultrasound platforms like the Ultra Ultra Edition and Ultrasound Workspace, Clarius Mobile Health, and GE Healthcare. These companies are focusing on product innovation, noninvasive diagnostic procedures, and measurement uniformity to cater to various heart-related disorders such as uncontrolled hypertension, coronary heart disease, pericardial disease, heart failure, heart valve disease, heart arrhythmias, and atrial fibrillation. Echocardiography uses ultrasonic sound waves emitted from a transducer to create images of the heart's chambers, heart function, and blood flow. Technological advancements include Doppler imaging, stress echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography, and transthoracic echocardiography. AI-driven auto-measure applications are also being integrated to improve diagnostic test time and accuracy. Angioplasty surgeries and vaccination against cardiovascular diseases are expected to further boost the market growth. The integration of AI and machine learning algorithms in echocardiography systems is a promising trend, enabling faster and more accurate diagnoses. Innovations like the Heart Center Leipzig's AI-assisted echocardiography system are revolutionizing the field, enabling the detection of blood clots and other heart diseases with unprecedented accuracy. The future of the ECG devices market lies in continued innovation and the integration of advanced technologies to improve diagnostic procedures and patient outcomes.


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