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07 Dec 2023

Revolutionizing Wheat-Based Protein Supplements: Leading Companies Adecoagro, AGRANA Beteiligungs AG, Bay State Milling Co catering to the Growing Market

The surge in veganism globally has sparked a heightened interest in wheat-derived protein supplements. Leading this trend are Millennials, embracing plant-based diets in countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, and France. Wheat protein, adept at fulfilling the protein requirements of vegans, is becoming a key ingredient in functional foods. This trend opens avenues for vendors to innovate, introducing an array of wheat protein-based products, including non-GMO varieties. Consequently, the expanding global vegan population is fueling the demand for wheat-based protein supplements, significantly impacting market growth in the projected period.

Between 2022 and 2027, the wheat market is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.08%, adding an estimated USD 47.89 billion to its revenue.

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Overview of the Wheat Market

The wheat market comprises diverse players contributing to its robustness and innovation. Among these are major agricultural conglomerates and agribusiness giants that dominate the global production and trade landscape.

These are some of the top businesses.

  • Adecoagro offers wheat and related products such as wheat.
  • AGRANA Beteiligungs AG offers wheat and related products such as Organic Vital wheat gluten.
  • Bay State Milling Co offers wheat and related products such as Organic whole wheat flour.

Overall, the wheat market boasts a mix of large corporations, mid-sized enterprises, and innovative startups, each contributing uniquely to the market's dynamism and addressing evolving consumer preferences and market demands.

Delve further into the complex market dynamics and fundamental aspects highlighted in our comprehensive analysis, set to significantly influence the Wheat Market

Wheat  Market Highlights :

  • The Wheat market is segmented by Application (Human and Feed), Type (Hard red winter, Hard red spring, Soft red winter, and Others), and Geography (APAC, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, and South America).
  • APAC led the market with 50% of the market growth set to originate from this region during the forecast period.
  • The growing vegan population is one of the primary factors driving the growth of the wheat market. The report provides a detailed study of this and all the other drivers that will boost market growth. An understanding of the key drivers will enable clients to leverage growth opportunities to their advantage with a view to short-term and long-term business goals. 


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