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10 Dec 2023

 Vietnam Higher Education Market: Surging at 15.3% CAGR, Targeting USD 528.6 Mn by 2028

The evolution of educational content delivery methods, employing technologies like hybrid or collaborative learning platforms, has notably propelled the Vietnam Higher Education Market expansion in colleges and universities. Additionally, innovative content delivery methods utilizing technologies like gamification-supported flipped classrooms and active learning are being adopted.

Between 2024 and 2028, the Vietnam Higher Education Market is anticipated to expand at a 15.3% Compound Annual rise Rate (CAGR), resulting in a revenue rise of USD 528.6 million.

Segmentation is based on product types (software and hardware) and end-users (private colleges, state universities, and community colleges).

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Vietnam Higher Education Market Analysis

Further segmentation reveals that the higher education software segment includes support and solutions like learning management systems (LMSs), enterprise resource planning (ERP), adaptive learning software (ALS), and content management systems (CMSs), among others. The software segment, particularly supported software, is anticipated to witness gradual growth due to increased adoption, enhancing data collection and record-keeping processes in Vietnam's higher education sector.

For instance, Genius Education Management, a web and mobile application, has been tailored to manage daily operations in schools, colleges, and universities across Vietnam.

Leading companies shaping this industry encompass ABEO Inc., Adobe Inc., Anthology Inc., Apple Inc., Dell Technologies Inc., Genius Edu Management System Pvt. Ltd., HCL Technologies Ltd., IDP Education Ltd., Innotech Vietnam Corp., Nash Squared, Oracle Corp., Orient Software Development Corp., Pearson Plc, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., and more. Technavio's report presents detailed qualitative and quantitative analyses of these key players, providing an in-depth grasp of the industry landscape.

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