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05 Jan 2022

The Global Vaccine Adjuvants Market is expected to grow by USD 401.94 million accelerating at a CAGR of almost 11% during the forecast period. Technavio evaluates the market with a detailed investigation into the market forces, emerging trends, and growth drivers. It also provides competitive benchmarking to equip clients with actionable insights that will help them navigate through the current market scenario. Preview our latest report with COVID-19 Impact Analysis

An adjuvant is an ingredient used in some vaccines that helps to create a stronger immune response in people receiving the vaccine. Adjuvants, thus help the body to produce an immune response strong enough to protect the person from the disease he or she is being vaccinated against. In the wake of the current pandemic and the global scale effort towards developing a potent vaccine is likely to drive the market for vaccine adjuvants over the forecast period

"The development of nanoparticle adjuvants will drive the growth prospects for the Global Vaccine Adjuvants Market in the forthcoming years.Nanoparticle adjuvants intensify an individual’s specific immune responses against pathogen infections and malignancy 55% of the market growth will originate from North America during the forecast period", says senior research analyst for the Health Care Industry at Technavio.

Vaccine Adjuvants Market: Application Segment Highlights

  • Application Segmentation: Infectious diseases, Cancer, and Other diseases
  • Infectious diseases segment dominated the market in 2019 as the rising need to prevent the spread of infectious diseases across the world has created a need for the development of pathogen-specific immune response with long-lasting effects against the infection. 
  • The market growth by the infectious diseases segment will be faster than the growth of the market by cancer and other diseases segment. This report provides an accurate prediction of the contribution of all the segments to the growth of the vaccine adjuvants market size.

Vaccine Adjuvants Market: Competitive Analysis

  • The Vaccine Adjuvants Market is concentrated due to the presence of few vendors.
  • Established vendors are adopting collaborations as a business strategy to expand their product portfolios and strengthen their businesses.
  • Agenus Inc., Avanti Polar Lipids Inc., Croda International Plc, CSL Ltd., GlaxoSmithKline Plc, InvivoGen, Merck KGaA, OZ Biosciences SAS, SEPPIC SA, and Vaxine Pty Ltd. are some of the major market participants. Although the accelerating growth momentum will offer immense growth opportunities, the side-effects of adjuvants will challenge the growth of the market participants.

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