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30 Nov 2023

Emerging economies hold the key to the USD 14.04 Bn revenue expansion of the TCAS market through 2024-2028

Emerging economies are slowly shifting towards adoption of high-speed rail. The rise in the lower middle class's discretionary income in emerging nations like India, leading to increase in their spending on quick and easy high-speed train travel. In reference to the global market, countries are building high-speed rail systems to provide affordable and secure transportation.

According to estimates, the market for Train Collision Avoidance System Market to exhibit growth at a CAGR of 17.74% by 2028. According to projections, the market will grow by USD 14.04 billion.

Train Collision Avoidance System Market Analysis

Currently, China and India got huge demand for TCAS, with rising investments in the development of high-speed rail networks. The trend towards the construction of high-speed rail networks in emerging economies—primarily in South Asian nations—is anticipated to propel the need for TCAS.

Moreover ,rise in strategic partnerships, which is expected to be a crucial development for the train collision avoidance system industry. Some of the key offerings by the leading companies comprise.

  • ALSTOM SA offers a Train Collision Avoidance System, namely COMPAS (Collision and Overspeed Monitoring and Prevention Assistance System) through its subsidiary Bombardier Inc.
  • Becker Mining Systems AG: offers a train collision avoidance system namely Mincos MMS.
  • Harsco Corp: offers a train collision avoidance system namely Protran Collision Avoidance System.

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