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09 Dec 2023

Unveiling Europe's Motorsport Magic: Fueling 47% of the USD 9.92 Billion Market Boom through 2023-2027

The Motorsports Market thrives on diverse elements like thrilling events and varied racing circuits. Teams push boundaries in endurance and rally racing, fueled by cutting-edge technology. Sponsorship and merchandise play pivotal roles while broadcasting amplifies the sport's global reach.

As per the forecast, between 2023 and 2027, the motorsport market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.27%, with an anticipated increase in market size of USD 9.92 Bn.

Europe is anticipated to contribute 47% to the global Motorsport Market growth in the forecast period. Senior Analysts at Technavio have extensively detailed the regional trends and influencers shaping the market during this period ~ “The recent shift in F1 management, led by Liberty Media, is poised to positively impact market growth by delivering compelling content.”

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Overview of the Fastest-Growing topography of the Motor Sport Market

Europe's rich motorsport history remains fundamental to the sport's foundation, with dedicated fan support even during economic downturns. The region offers captivating and exclusive content that has already begun attracting viewers and is expected to further increase viewership. Renowned European racetracks like Ascari (Spain), Knockhill (Scotland), Anglesey (UK), Monza (Italy), Silverstone (UK), and Zandvoort (Netherlands) host numerous events, bolstering the region's motorsport market advancement These elements collectively fuel the growth of the European market, resonating with essential components such as Formula One, motorsport events, racing circuits, teams, endurance and rally racing, technology, merchandise, sponsorship, and broadcasting.

The motorsport market continues to be influenced by a diverse range of industry players, including A J Foyt Jr Enterprises Inc., ABT Sportsline GmbH, AF Corse Srl, Andretti Autosport Holding Co. Inc., Avitas Motorsport Design, Hendrick Motorsports LLC, Honda Motor Co. Ltd., JA Motor Sport, Liberty Media Corp., McLaren Group Ltd., Mercedes Benz Group AG, Red Bull GmbH, Renault SAS, Speedway Motorsports LLC, and Stellantis NV, each contributing to the dynamic evolution and growth of the industry.

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