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06 Jul 2023

The Drywall Texture Market  in North America will shoot up to USD 59.85 mn  

Infrastructural and construction activities have shoot up exponentially in North America leading to the market expansion of Drywall Texture. The size of the Drywall Texture market is forecast to increase by USD 59.85 million in the next five years with a growth CAGR of 4.06%. 

In North America increasing construction activity in developed nations including the US, Canada, and Mexico is anticipated to boost demand for drywall textures. The rising demand for multifamily structures as well as the increased emigration to urban areas has also contributed to the growth factor. Moreover, a considerable level of population growth followed by urbanization catalyzed the market growth of Drywall Texture with the rising development of infrastructural projects.

In addition, the growth in organized retail will positively impact the growth, as increasing focus on organized retailing is the current trend in the drywall texture market. The large, organized retail stores stock more brands and varieties of different types of home improvement products, enabling consumers with more alternatives.

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Vendor Analysis: Market players are incorporating various strategies, for more market development for Drywall Texture with a wide variety of products and services.

For instance, 3M Co. offers drywall textures such as 3M Textured Wall Films it also focuses on industrial abrasives and finishing for metalworking applications, autobody repair solutions, closure systems for personal hygiene products, masking, and packaging materials under its industrial and safety segment.

"As per Technavios analyst market leaders worth mentioning in this industry are Advanced Energy Industries Inc. and All American Painting Plus Inc, Armstrong World Industries Inc., Artistic Drywall Textures Inc., BlueScope Steel Ltd., Compagnie de Saint Gobain SA, Eagle Materials Inc."

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