Authored By: Sarah
08 Feb 2024

SFF Board Market: Shaping Connectivity in a USD 3,452.34 Million Landscape

The Small Form Factor Board Market is positioned for robust growth, anticipating a CAGR of 15.92% from 2023 to 2028, propelling its market size to an increment of USD 3.45 billion. This growth is intricately linked to the rise in mobile data traffic, accelerated deployment of next-gen LTE wireless networks, and the escalating demand for wireless computing devices, including the rising adoption of Single-Board Computers (SBCs).

“SFF boards, available in diverse form factors such as Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and Nano-ITX, are characterized by their ruggedness, durability, customization options, and application-ready nature, making them instrumental in SFF PCs and Single-Board Computers (SBCs).”

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A pivotal driver for the SFF board market is the exponential rise in mobile data traffic, fueled by the extensive use of tablets, smartphones, and wireless communication devices. The anticipated growth in mobile data consumption, especially video content, is poised to surpass 45 exabytes per month by 2025, with video traffic accounting for over 73% of the total data consumed. This surge is attributed to factors like larger screen sizes with high resolution, offering an ultra-HD video streaming experience. Network operators are actively enhancing infrastructure to improve capacity and reduce costs, positively influencing the SFF board market's trajectory.

SFF Board Market Trends: Data Centers Soar with AAEON, Intel, Qualcomm

Trends shaping the market include the escalating demand for data centers, driven by IoT applications generating substantial data volumes. The cloud's exponential growth further intensifies the need for data centers, with telecom operators and cloud service providers making substantial investments globally. Major companies in the SFF board market, such as AAEON Technology Inc., Intel Corp., and Qualcomm Inc., are at the forefront, implementing strategic initiatives like alliances, partnerships, and mergers to fortify their market presence.

In essence, the SFF board market stands as a vital player in the technological landscape, evolving with the demands of modern connectivity, compact design, and high-performance computing solutions for diverse industries, including embedded systems, industrial PCs, edge computing, and IoT devices. Download Small Form Factor Board Market Sample Report Now

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