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08 Jun 2021

Refrigerant Compressors Market Size to Grow by $ 4.13 bn through 2020-2024

The refrigerant compressors market is expected to grow by $ 4.13 bn, accelerating at a CAGR of almost 5% during the forecast period. Technavio’s research report traces the growth trajectory of the market and provides a detailed analysis of the prevalent market forces, trends, and drivers which are likely to impact the market in focus.

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Refrigerant Compressors Market: Segmentation by Product

This report provides a detailed analysis of the market by Product (Hermetic compressors, Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, Domestic compressors, Semi-hermetic screw compressors, and Others) and Geography (APAC, North America, Europe, MEA, and South America). This research report will provide insights into the current market share of each segment along with growth projections for the next five years. In addition, the report also offers a detailed impact analysis of various trends, drivers, and challenges which are likely to influence market growth during the forecast period. These insights are expected to equip clients with reliable information based upon which they can design a growth strategy for their business and area of operations.

Refrigerant Compressors Market Size to Grow by $ 4.13 bn through 2020-2024 | Leading Segments and Market Trends

Refrigerant Compressors Market: Vendor Analysis

The market is fragmented. The growth of the players depends on several factors such as market conditions, government support, and industry development. To survive and succeed in such an intensely competitive market, players must distinguish their product and service offerings through clear and unique value propositions. Daikin Industries Ltd., Danfoss AS, Emerson Electric Co., GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft, Johnson Controls International Plc, LG Electronics Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Nidec Corp., OFFICINE MARIO DORIN Spa, and Panasonic Corp. are some of the major market participants. To make the most of the opportunities, market vendors should focus more on the growth prospects in the fast-growing segments, while maintaining their position in the slow-growing segments.

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