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27 Aug 2023

Secondary Tickets Market forecasted to grow by USD 9,623.84 Mn through 2023-2027  

Sports such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer are held every year and are a significant part of North American society. Secondary Tickets Market is expected to witness a humongous growth between 2022 and 2027 of USD 9,623.84 million. It is estimated the market will grow at a CAGR of 12.53% 

Navigating through the growth drivers of the Secondary ticket market: The popularity of sports events is notably driving the market advancement of the secondary ticket market, among the audience in North America and the willingness to pay an increased price for sports tickets will leverage the secondary ticket market in North America.

Technavio has been monitoring the growth trajectory of the market through a detailed analysis of the prevalent market forces, and trends along with competitive benchmarking. 

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North America Secondary Tickets Market Drivers at a Glance 

Market Trends: When it comes to market trends incorporation of technology is trending in the Secondary Ticket Market, which includes the use of blockchain for ticketing. It is primarily used by secondary ticket companies to enable effective and cost-effective business operations. It can make ticketing operations more transparent and effective across the entire value chain, from the artist or club to the buyer of the original ticket to the buyer of the resold ticket.

Core Companies : Some of the major market players include names like Eventbee Inc., Eventbrite Inc., Gametime United Inc., Ideabud LLC, Live Nation Entertainment Inc., Lyte Inc., On Location Events LLC, SearGeek Inc., StubHub, Ticket City Inc., TicketNetwork Inc., TickPick LLC, etc.

Organisation like Viagogo Entertainment Inc. offers secondary tickets where customers can see a data-driven A to F rating for each ticket deal followed by services for buyers and sellers of tickets for sports, concerts, theater, and other live entertainment events.

Our custom reports provide market insights at the global and regional level along with pipeline analysis of new product launches. It also provides a peek into the latest R&D along with an impact analysis of government regulations. Download our report on the North America Secondary Tickets Market.

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