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11 Sep 2023

Network Management System (NMS) Market Size to Grow by over USD 5454.03 Mn through 2023-2027 | Forecast and Trend Analysis


Technavio has been monitoring the Network Management System (nms) Market and it is expected to grow by USD 5454.03 mn accelerating at a CAGR of 9.68%  from 2023 to 2027. Increasing demand for efficient network management, the rise of cloud computing, and collaboration and partnership among companies are some of the primary determinants of market advancement.

Network Management System (nms) Market growth trajectory of the market is traced through a detailed analysis of the prevalent market forces, trends, and drivers along with competitive benchmarking in our report. Request for sample report for more insights.

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Network Management System (NMS) Market at a Glance

Emerging Trends  Analysis  of the Network Management System (NMS) Market

Trends that are likely to Impact Market growth rising adoption of cloud-based NMS is the key trend expected to have a positive impact on market growth as Cloud-based NMS solutions offer several advantages over traditional on-premise solutions. It is also cost-effective, provides greater stability, and is easy to deploy ensuring the services are accessible and reliable while minimizing the risk of security breaches or data loss and can scale up or down without worrying about hardware limitations.

Moreover, the cloud-based NMS allows users to access the system from anywhere with an internet connection, which can be especially useful for organizations with distributed workforces.

Core Companies of the Network Management System (NMS) Market

When it comes to the core companies, they are constantly trying out alliances, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, geographical expansion, and product/service launches, to enhance their presence in the market.

Organizations like BMC Software Inc. offer products such as BMC Helix Service and Operations Management, TrueSight IT Operations and Automation, Mainframe, and Control-M Workflow Orchestration. The company offers network management systems such as BMC AMI Ops for Networks.

Some of the prominent names worth mentioning are Broadcom Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Colasoft, Dell Technologies Inc., General Electric Co., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., International Business Machines Corp., Juniper Networks Inc., Kentik Inc., LiveAction, NetScout Systems Inc., Nokia Corp., Oracle Corp., Riverbed Technology Inc., SolarWinds Corp, etc. Our report includes qualitative and quantitative analyses of market leaders with a wider understanding of the business ecosystem. Download our sample report for more insights.

The report provides insights into the following FAQs:

  1. What is the market CAGR?
    The market is accelerating at a CAGR of 9.68%.

  2. What is the incremental growth of the market?
    The market is expected to grow by USD 5454.03 mn through 2023-2027.

  3. What is a key factor driving this market?
    Increasing demand for efficient network management will drive market growth over the forecast period.

  4. What are the key regions covered in this market research report?
    North America, APAC, Europe, South America, and Middle East, and Africa are the key regions featured in this research report.

  5. Which is the leading geographic region for this market:
    37% growth will originate from North America
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