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15 Jul 2024

 Mobile Gaming Market to grow by USD 76.42 billion between 2024-2028

According to a research report “ Mobile Gaming Market” by Platform (Online, Offline) Type (Casual gaming, Professional gaming) Geography (APAC, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, South America)- Global Forecast to 2028 published by Technavio, the market size is estimated to grow by USD 76.42 billion at a CAGR of  11.44% during the forecast period. The mobile gaming market experiences significant expansion, driven by the increasing popularity of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. MMO games enable a substantial player base, ranging from hundreds to thousands, to engage on a single server, ensuring continuous operation. This genre encompasses various types, including role-playing games (RPGs), first-person shooters (FPS), and real-time strategy (RTS) games. Developers continually innovate, introducing new genres, such as Crash Team Rumble, a 4v4 team online multiplayer game launched by Activision Blizzard in 2023, featuring characters from Crash Bandicoot's universe..

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By Platform, the Online segment is projected to dominate the market size in 2024.

The casual gaming market caters to consumers who engage in games that do not necessitate substantial time commitments or financial investments in hardware. This segment's growth is fueled by the proliferation of mobile gaming, as casual gamers increasingly favor convenient, on-the-go access to their preferred titles. Revenue is generated through software licensing to end users, with minimal demand for peripherals. The preference for mobile devices over PCs and consoles is driven by their portability and ease of use for casual gamers.

By Type, Casual gaming  segment is expected to hold the largest market size for the year 2024.

The mobile gaming market has experienced significant growth due to the proliferation of mobile devices and widespread internet access. This trend has led numerous game service providers to develop and offer online mobile games, which are predominantly free on application stores. Online mobile gaming offers unparalleled convenience, enabling users to engage in their favorite games from any location and at any time. Furthermore, certain online games foster social interaction, creating opportunities for users to build communities and communicate with friends or strangers during gameplay.

APAC is forecasted to hold the largest market size by region in 2024.

The APAC region, particularly China and Japan, serves as a significant market driver for the global mobile gaming industry. Major mobile gaming titles, such as Honor of Kings and PUBG, originating from China, continue to generate substantial revenue, despite market challenges and licensing restrictions. The presence of leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Huawei Technologies Co. in APAC further bolsters the region's growth potential in mobile gaming.

The Mobile Gaming Market t growth and forecasting report also includes detailed analyses of the competitive landscape of the market growth and forecasting and information about 20 market companies, including:

  • Activision Blizzard Inc.
  • CyberAgent Inc.
  • Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Epic Games Inc.
  • GungHo Online Entertainment Inc.
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • NetEase Inc.
  • Niantic Inc.
  • Nintendo Co. Ltd.
  • Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd.
  • Tencent Holdings Ltd.
  • The Walt Disney Co.
  • Behold Studios
  • DeNA Co. Ltd.
  • Larva Game Studios
  • Modern Times Group MTG AB
  • Netmarble Corp.
  • NEXON Co Ltd.
  • Sega Sammy Holdings Inc.
  • Ubisoft Entertainment SA

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Research Analysis Overview

The mobile gaming market has experienced significant growth, with the proliferation of smartphones and the increasing popularity of cloud gaming services on platforms like Google Play and Apple App Store. Indie developers and industry giants like Electronic Arts are leveraging ultra-low latency and hyper-scale cloud capabilities to deliver immersive multiplayer gaming experiences. Social connectivity and in-app purchases are key monetization strategies, while screen resolutions and battery drain are critical considerations for game developers. Advertisement investment and product differentiation are essential for standing out in a crowded app store landscape. Geopolitical tensions and the rollout of 5G networks may impact latency and user experience. Unity Technologies and other tools help optimize smartphone hardware capabilities for gaming applications. The advertising industry continues to explore innovative strategies to engage mobile gamers.

Market Research Overview

The mobile gaming market has experienced a significant revolution, with tablet users and smartphone owners becoming potential players. The advent of 5G mobile networks has brought about ultralow latency and higher data speeds, enabling high-performance mobile gaming experiences. The mobile gaming sector, including five distinct games in the Android category and Windows, has seen exponential growth due to the proliferation of smart devices and the increasing mobile penetration rates. Game publishers and developers are capitalizing on this trend, releasing AAA-caliber mobile games that offer immersive experiences, from Casino gambling and Role Playing to Sports and Action or Adventure. The market is further boosted by the adoption of cloud gaming services, handheld gaming devices, and the emergence of indie developers. Economic conditions and geopolitical tensions continue to shape the gaming industry, with advertising investment and product differentiation playing crucial roles. Smartphone technology, graphics capabilities, and processing power are continually evolving to meet the demands of mobile gamers.


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