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11 Jul 2024

 Metrology Services Market to grow by USD 1196.63 million between 2024-2028

According to a research report “ Metrology Services Market” by Application (Heavy equipment, Automotive, Aerospace and defense, Others) Product (Coordinate measuring machines (CMM), Optical digitizers, scanners (ODS)) Geography (Europe, APAC, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa)- Global Forecast to 2028 published by Technavio, the market size is estimated to grow by USD 1196.63 million at a CAGR of  14.72% during the forecast period. In today's manufacturing landscape, metrology services play a pivotal role in ensuring product accuracy and quality. Modern metrology tools, such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and Optical Dimensioning Systems (ODS), facilitate comparison of tools or components against reference models, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. With the widespread adoption of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software in various industries, metrology services are no longer confined to critical parts production, thereby expanding the market potential..

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By Application, the Heavy equipment segment is projected to dominate the market size in 2024.

In the manufacturing sector, adherence to rigorous design and safety standards is paramount. Complex product designs, driven by technological advancements and evolving consumer demands, necessitate reliability, accuracy, and efficiency. Consequently, numerous companies within the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical devices, and laboratory instruments industries have integrated automation and robotics technologies, such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), into their operations. The CMM market is propelled by factors including escalating production levels in the automotive industry and the growing preference for portable CMMs. Furthermore, market players in the global metrology services sector are introducing innovative products to cater to this demand.

By Product, Coordinate measuring machines (CMM)  segment is expected to hold the largest market size for the year 2024.

Metrology services play a crucial role in the heavy equipment manufacturing industry, particularly in sectors such as oil and gas, power generation, earthmoving, excavation, and agriculture. These services ensure the accurate measurement and calibration of tools, fixtures, jigs, gauges, dies, manufactured components, and machinery. Additionally, metrology services provide alignment solutions for new components with existing equipment, reverse engineering, and deformation analysis due to welding or thermal variations. The heavy equipment manufacturing sector, with a focus on earthmoving, excavation, and agriculture, is projected to experience substantial growth due to increasing infrastructure investments.

Europe is forecasted to hold the largest market size by region in 2024.

Europe's robust automobile, aerospace, and defense industries position it as a significant contributor to global manufacturing, with approximately 290 vehicle manufacturing plants and 10.8 million vehicles produced in 2020. This industrial base necessitates high demand for metrology services, given the reliance on precision machinery, components, and technology. Furthermore, the expanding aerospace and defense sectors, driven by increasing demand from developing countries, underscore Europe's importance as a key market for metrology solutions.

The Metrology Services Market growth and forecasting report also includes detailed analyses of the competitive landscape of the market growth and forecasting and information about 20 market companies, including:

  • AMETEK Inc.
  • Apex Metrology Ltd
  • Atlas Copco AB
  • ATT Metrology Services
  • Automated Precision Inc.
  • Avon Dynamic Calibration Ltd.
  • Carl Zeiss AG
  • FARO Technologies Inc.
  • Hexagon AB
  • In Place Machining Company LLC
  • Intertek Group Plc
  • Keyence India Pvt. Ltd.
  • KLA Corp.
  • Mitutoyo Corp.
  • Nikon Corp.
  • Optical Metrology Services Ltd
  • Optimax Imaging Inspection and Measurement Ltd
  • Quality Vision International Inc.
  • Renishaw Plc
  • Trescal International SAS

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Research Analysis Overview

In the realm of advanced manufacturing, Metrology Services play a pivotal role in ensuring reduced defects and cost savings. Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) are integral to Metrology Services, enabling quality optimization through 3D measurement and modeling. Reverse engineering and alignment services are essential components of this process, allowing for precise dimensional inspection and industrial robot calibration. Metrology products, including calibration laboratories, metrology automation, and various scanning technologies such as CT Scanning, X-ray scanning, portable measuring, laser trackers, 3D scanners, and coordinate measuring machines, are crucial for component testing and quality control in manufacturing industries. OEM Metrology solutions cater to diverse sectors, including Aerospace, where precision and accuracy are paramount. Metrology Services encompass a wide range of applications, from 3D modeling and CAD model verification to CT Scanning and X-ray scanning for non-destructive testing. Portable measuring devices and laser trackers facilitate on-site inspections, while 3D scanning and coordinate measuring machines ensure accurate measurements and alignment services. By leveraging these advanced technologies, manufacturers can streamline their processes, enhance product quality, and ultimately reduce costs.

Market Research Overview

In the rapidly evolving economic scenario of emerging economies, the medical sector is witnessing significant growth, particularly in the field of medical devices. Quality and consistency are paramount in this sector, and measurement processes play a crucial role. ETQ Reliance and Hexagon AB are leading players in Manufacturing Intelligence, providing solutions for factory automation and inspection systems. Collaborations between LMI Technologies and other industry leaders have resulted in advanced measurement labs equipped with autonomous robots and equipment services. Onsite engineering and energy industry applications require periodic quality testing and measurement labs adhering to internationally accepted standards. CAM-based processes, including computer-aided manufacturing and design, enable quality optimization through 3D measurement, reverse engineering, and alignment services. Dimensional inspection using 3D scanning, CT scanning, X-ray scanning, portable measuring, laser trackers, 3D scanners, coordinate measuring, and component testing ensure reduced defects and cost reduction. OEM Metrology services provide calibration laboratories and metrology automation for industrial robot calibration and 3D modeling using CAD models.


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