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08 Nov 2023

Medical Tourism Market Analysis 2023-2027 |Record 32% Market growth will generate from North America 

Medical Tourism Market is a billion-dollar market in making with a forecasted USD 16.88 billion market revenue expansion between 2022 and 2027, followed by market growth at a CAGR of 16.04%. over the next five years. 

Technavio's research report extrapolated ~ "The access and availability to low-cost treatment options notably driving the market advancement across the world.  Emerging nations, including India, Thailand, Turkey, and Malaysia, provide high-quality healthcare at affordable rates, drawing patients from the US seeking cost-effective medical treatment. These countries adhere to healthcare standards akin to those in the US and Canada, making them attractive to global patients."

Technavio's research report provides a detailed analysis of the market with insights on trends, drivers, and challenges that are likely to impact market growth. It also provides a competitive analysis of the key market players and their product portfolios. 

Medical Tourism Market: North America to lead market growth during the forecast period

  • As per the market segmentation, the market can be classified by Type including cardiovascular treatment, cosmetic treatment, fertility treatment, orthopedics treatment, and others, Service Type including private and public, and Geography covering North America, APAC, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and South America.
  • 32% of the growth of the global market during the forecast period will originate from North America

Medical Tourism Market Analysis 2023-2027 |Record 32% Market growth will generate from North America 

Snapshot of the fastest-growing topography of the Medical Tourism Market

  • North America is gradually growing and facilitates the availability of high-quality healthcare facilities in the US and Canada comprising a wide range of services, from cosmetic and dental treatments to cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures, attracting international patients with top-notch care and modern amenities. 

  • The presence of medical tourism agencies seeking to draw overseas patients to top US hospitals in the region also boosts the market expansion. Hence all these factors are set to drive the regional market during the forecast period.

Anadolu Medical Center, Asian Heart Institute, Asklepios Kliniken GmbH, and Co. KGaA, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Co. Ltd., Bumrungrad Hospital Public Co. Ltd., Clemenceau Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Fortis Healthcare Ltd., Prince Court Medical Centre Sdn Bhd, and The Johns Hopkins Health System Corp. are some of the major market participants that comes with a wide variety of services. Our report includes qualitative and quantitative analyses of market leaders with a wider understanding of the business ecosystem. 

Refer to our best-selling sample report on the Medical Tourism Market for highlights on the market size, growth momentum, regional growth opportunities, company analysis, and other factors influencing the growth of the market. 

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