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29 Oct 2023

Genetic Testing Market to exhibit growth at CAGR of 12.78% through 2023-2027 | Forecast and Trend Analysis

Genetic Testing Market is likely to exhibit market growth at a CAGR of 12.78% between 2022 and 2027 followed by staggering revenue growth of USD 7,103.8 million across the globe. Prevalence of genetic diseases and disorders, rising approval of advanced genetic testing products, and affordability are the primary elements of the market advancement.

Emerging Trends Analysis : 

  • An increase in the use of direct-to-consumer genetic tests across the world owing to the growing demand for timely initiation of healthcare treatments and the increasing adoption of preventive approaches for avoiding disease risks is the emerging trend that is significantly contributing to the Genetic Testing Market.
  • The ease of access to these tests at competitive pricing has provided increasing preference for these tests by consumers thus propelling the market advancement to a large extent.

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Genetic Testing Market Trends at a Glance

Core Companies of the Genetic Testing MarketCore Companies are offering a wide range of innovative products in the global genetic testing market due to the commercial applications of genetic screening in human health management and the advent of whole genome sequencing. Some of the market leaders in the market sphere of Genetic Testing Market include names like Agilent Technologies Inc., ARUP Laboratories, Asper Biogene,  and ATS GENETECH PVT. LTD., Bio Rad Laboratories Inc., BioMerieux SA, CENTOGENE NV, Color Health Inc., Danaher Corp., F. Hoffmann La Roche Ltd., Genea Ltd., Illumina Inc., etc.

Organisations like Abbott Laboratories offer genetic testing such as Vysis Fish technology which has the ability to test metaphase chromosomes from cultured samples and interphase cells from specimens that cannot be cultured. Our report includes qualitative and quantitative analyses of core companies with a wider understanding of the business ecosystem.

Technavio custom reports provide market insights at the global and regional level along with a pipeline analysis of new product launches. It also provides a peek into the latest R&D along with an impact analysis of government regulations. For more insights into this market: Download our best-selling report on the Genetic Testing Market.

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