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11 Jul 2024

 Gaming Chair Market Size to grow by USD 545.8 million between 2024-2028

According to a research report “ Gaming Chair Market” by Price (Mid-range, Low-range, High-range) Type (Table, Hybrid, Platform) Geography (APAC, North America, Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa)- Global Forecast to 2028 published by Technavio, the market size is estimated to grow by USD 545.8 million, at a CAGR of  8.8% during the forecast period. In the rapidly expanding gaming industry, prolonged use of devices such as PCs and TVs for gaming can pose significant health risks for gamers, particularly in terms of posture and ergonomics. These risks can manifest in various medical conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, characterized by numbness and tingling in the arms and hands. To mitigate these risks, the adoption of ergonomically designed gaming chairs is increasingly becoming a necessity. These chairs, equipped with adjustable lumbar support and crafted from suitable materials, can effectively prevent injuries related to the back, torque back, and wrists. By promoting optimal posture, gaming chairs contribute significantly to the overall well-being of gamers, ensuring they can enjoy their pastime without compromising their health.

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By Price, the Mid-range segment is projected to dominate the market size in 2024

The gaming chair market represents a significant growth opportunity for businesses catering to the burgeoning gaming industry. With the increasing popularity of gaming and the recognition of its ergonomic benefits, the demand for high-quality gaming chairs has surged. These chairs offer superior comfort, adjustability, and design, making them an essential investment for avid gamers. As a result, market players are focusing on innovation, design, and functionality to capture a larger share in this lucrative sector.

By Type, Table  segment is expected to hold the largest market size for the year 2024

The gaming chair market is experiencing significant growth due to the increasing popularity of gaming and the recognition of the importance of ergonomics in promoting comfort and productivity. These chairs cater to the specific needs of avid gamers, offering adjustable features such as lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and reclining functions. Manufacturers continue to innovate, integrating advanced technologies like vibration and speakers, further enhancing the gaming experience. The market is expected to expand further, driven by rising disposable income, increased internet penetration, and the shift towards remote work.

APAC is forecasted to hold the largest market size by region in 2024

The gaming chair market is experiencing significant growth due to the increasing popularity of gaming and the recognition of ergonomic seating solutions for enhancing comfort and performance. These chairs cater to avid gamers seeking optimal posture and reduced strain during extended gaming sessions. Advanced features such as adjustable backrests, lumbar support, and 360-degree swivel functionality add value to this niche market. Companies are investing in research and development to create innovative designs and materials, ensuring a competitive edge in this burgeoning industry.

The Gaming Chair Market growth and forecasting report also includes detailed analyses of the competitive landscape of the market growth and forecasting and information about 20 market companies, including:

  • Ace Casual Furniture
  • Aerocool Advanced Technologies Inc.
  • AKRacing America Inc.
  • AndaSeat
  • Arozzi North America
  • Caseking GmbH
  • Clutch Chairz USA Ltd.
  • Corsair Gaming Inc.
  • DXRacer USA LLC.
  • GT Omega Racing Ltd.
  • MillerKnoll Inc.
  • Impakt SA
  • LF Gaming
  • Playseat BV
  • Raidmax
  • Roto VR Ltd.
  • Secretlab SG Pte. Ltd.
  • Thermaltake Technology Co. Ltd.
  • ThunderX3
  • Vertagear Inc

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Research Analysis Overview

The gaming chair market caters to the needs of video game enthusiasts, offering a range of variants designed to enhance their gaming experience. These chairs come in various styles, including Beanbag, Pedestal, Rocker, Recliner, Racer, Platform, and Hybrid models. Some chairs are designed Without Wheels for those who prefer a stable gaming setup, while others With Wheels allow for greater mobility during long gaming sessions. Accessories such as Speakers, adjustment settings, swiveling bases, armrests, and caster wheels are common features in these chairs. Ergonomic support is crucial for professional gamers, making chairs with adjustable settings a popular choice. Start-ups and Specialty Stores, as well as Home Centers and Commercial outlets, offer these chairs for both Residential and Commercial use. Beanbag Gaming Chairs provide comfort and flexibility, while Pedestal and Rocker Chairs offer a more immersive experience. Recliner Gaming Chairs provide a more relaxed gaming experience, while Racer Chairs offer a more competitive edge. Platform and Hybrid Gaming Chairs offer a combination of features, catering to different gaming preferences. With so many options available, choosing the right gaming chair depends on individual gaming needs and preferences.

Market Research Overview

The PC Gaming Chair market is thriving with various options catering to the needs of video game enthusiasts. These chairs, available in different variants such as Racing Seats, Rocker Gaming Chairs, Recliner Gaming Chairs, and Racer Chairs, come with or without wheels, pedestals, and adjustable bases. Padded with materials like PVC Leather or PU Leather, these chairs offer ergonomic support for long gaming sessions. Esports streaming and online gaming have fueled the demand for high-quality gaming chairs. Features like adjustable lumbar support, head cushions, and reclining functions are essential for professional gamers to prevent muscle stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back injuries. Gaming chairs come in various designs, colors, and RGB lighting systems, adding to the player experience. High-end models include built-in massage units, speakers, and retractable footrests. Prices range from Low-Range to High-Range, with Online Stores and Specialty Stores being popular buying options. Gaming chairs are not just for personal computers; they are also used in gaming center facilities, game cafes, and even for outdoor games. With the increasing popularity of virtual reality games, motion chairs are gaining traction. The entertainment sector is witnessing a surge in sales of gaming chairs, as they offer steady support and adjustment settings for a cozy seating position. Gaming chairs are not just accessories but essential equipment for gamers, ensuring comfort and ergonomic support during prolonged gaming sessions. They are compatible with various electronic devices, including PCs, consoles, and mobile games. With the rise of start-ups and commercial gaming centers, the market for gaming chairs is expected to grow further.


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