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15 Dec 2023

Electrifying Growth: The Electric SUV Market's USD 83.74 Billion Leap through 2023-2027

The Electric Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) Market is a pivotal segment in the realm of electric vehicles, showcasing the convergence of innovative technology and sustainable transport. As an integral part of the automotive industry, this market is driving the development of low-carbon economies by focusing on green vehicles that use sustainable energy sources. These electric SUVs epitomize the electrification of transport, providing vehicles that are not only powered by electric batteries but also align with the principles of zero-emissions and sustainable technologies.

Between 2022 and 2027, the electric sports utility vehicle (e-SUV) market is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.19%. It is anticipated that the market will grow by USD 83.74 Bn

The surge in the demand for electric SUVs is reshaping the landscape of manufactured goods within the automotive industry, emphasizing the need for vehicles that are not only powerful but also environmentally conscious. Leveraging the advancements in vehicle technology and lithium-ion battery development, these SUVs signify a transition toward cleaner energy and reduced exhaust gas emissions. Their integration of electric power, coupled with charging station infrastructure, marks a significant milestone in the economic shift toward sustainable transport solutions.

Electric Sports Utility Vehicle (e-SUV) Market

Overview of the Electric Sports Utility Vehicle (e-SUV) Market 

Wireless Charging: A Key Trend

In the global electric sports utility vehicle market, wireless charging systems for EVs take center stage. These systems, vital for fully electric car sustainability, draw substantial investments for their development and enhancement.

Sustainability Emphasis and Autonomy

The heightened emphasis on sustainable transportation has boosted the appeal of electric cars, renowned for their extended autonomy. This surge in adoption is projected to drive demand for wireless charging systems, especially for their on-the-go charging capabilities.

Connected Technology Advancements

Connected technology in all-electric cars facilitates inter-vehicle communication for charging pad exchanges, optimizing charging resources. Pioneered by companies like Google in self-driving cars, it signifies the evolution of charging methodologies.

Anticipating Commercial Applications

The widespread commercial application of wireless charging systems for EVs is expected by the forecast period's conclusion. This shift in charging methods is set to notably impact automotive technologies, particularly in electrical engineering and power sectors, revolutionizing the electric utility vehicle landscape.

Electric Sports Utility Vehicle (e-SUV) MarketAs part of the wheeled vehicles category, these electric SUVs demonstrate the potential for electric utility in a market traditionally dominated by internal combustion engine-driven vehicles. Their inclusion in the automotive technologies domain underscores the prowess of electricity as a power source and its role in crafting nature-friendly vehicles.

Here are some of the leading companies in the electric SUV market: AEHRA, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, BYD Co. Ltd., Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Hyundai Motor Co., Kia Motors Corp., Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Mercedes Benz Group AG, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Pravaig Dynamics Pvt Ltd., Renault SAS, Tata Motors Ltd., Tesla Inc., Toyota Motor Corp., Volkswagen AG, and Volvo Car Corp. Their commitment to meeting vehicle emission standards and advancing four-wheel drive capabilities underscores electric SUVs' role in shaping alternative energy economies in the transportation sector.

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