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27 Feb 2024

Education Apps Market Analysis 2023-2027: Age of Learning Inc., Alphabet Inc., Babbel GmbH are Among the Market Pioneers

The education apps market is experiencing a rapid surge, fueled by technological advancements and increased internet penetration. It's witnessing notable growth, particularly with the rise of e-learning platforms and government support for digital education initiatives.

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What is the market value of education apps?

The Education Apps Market arena is poised for a turbocharged journey, with an expected growth rate of 28.61% from 2023 to 2027 followed by an increment of USD 124.78 billion in revenue. Guided by essential elements such as government initiatives, the demand for STEM apps, and the web's expansive reach, this market is poised to soar to new heights.

Government initiatives spearhead the global education app market surge, especially in nations like India fostering e-learning growth. India's proactive stance amidst the pandemic, through initiatives like PM eVIDYA and DIKSHA, champions international online education standards and opens doors for extended online learning opportunities in universities and colleges.

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Education Apps Market Analysis

“Growing government initiatives and Growing focus on wearable technology in the education industry will boost the market growth”, says a senior analyst at Technavio. 

What is the market demand for apps?

In the Education Apps Market, notable players like Age of Learning Inc., Alphabet Inc., Babbel GmbH, BenchPrep, and Blackboard Inc. stand tall among the prominent providers. BrainPOP, Coursera Inc., Duolingo Inc., Educomp Solutions Ltd., and edX LLC are also major contributors to this thriving sphere. Alongside them, Epic Creations Inc., Hologo World Inc., Khan Academy Inc., Lumos Labs, MyScript, and Quizlet Inc. assert their influence, collectively shaping the dynamic landscape of digital education.

When it comes to the Education Apps Market landscape in India, it has been observed that India strides confidently into the digital education realm, riding on university digitization, boosted internet reach, and growing student demands.

The inception of the National Digital Educational Architecture (NDEAR) under the 2021-2022 Union Budget, the government aims to architect a unique education ecosystem, granting stakeholders autonomy and fortifying India's digital infrastructure. Such governmental initiatives worldwide promise to turbocharge the global education apps market in the coming years. Download the Education Apps Market  Sample Report Now.

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