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11 Jul 2024

 Doughnuts Market to grow by USD 6.49 billion between 2024-2028

According to a research report “ Doughnuts Market” by End-user (Foodservice, Retail) Product (Yeast doughnuts, Cake doughnuts) Geography (North America, Europe, APAC, South America, Middle East and Africa)- Global Forecast to 2028 published by Technavio, the market size is estimated to grow by USD 6.49 billion at a CAGR of  4.98% during the forecast period. The doughnut market has experienced significant growth due to the rising trend of socializing at cafes among urban youth. With an influx of people to urban areas and a substantial expansion of the white-collared workforce, there has been a corresponding increase in the demand for food service outlets. This demand has been further fueled by diverse tastes and preferences for various food and beverage offerings, including doughnuts. Leading doughnut chains, such as Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Tim Hortons, and Dunkin' Brands Group, are expanding their presence in emerging economies. The proliferation of malls and shopping centers has also encouraged new players to invest substantially in doughnut distribution through these venues..

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By End-user, the Foodservice segment is projected to dominate the market size in 2024.

In the doughnuts market, traditional yeast-raised doughnuts represent a significant product segment. These doughnuts are produced using a sweet dough that undergoes fermentation with yeast for optimal expansion. Post-fermentation, the dough is rolled and cut to desired thicknesses. Characterized by their light, airy texture and chewy, yeasty flavor, yeast-raised doughnuts absorb more oil due to their extended frying time. Post-frying, they are commonly topped with glazes, powdered sugar, or cinnamon. Despite their longer production time compared to cake doughnuts, yeast-raised doughnuts remain a popular choice in the doughnuts market.

By Product, Yeast doughnuts  segment is expected to hold the largest market size for the year 2024.

The doughnut market experiences significant growth, particularly in the franchised specialty outlet segment, which dominates sales in the US. Leading brands, such as Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, account for over 50% of sales in this category. In Asia, where urbanization is driving lifestyle changes, major retailers are expanding their presence and incorporating doughnuts into their offerings as popular snack items for consumers adopting Western eating habits.

North America is forecasted to hold the largest market size by region in 2024.

In North America's bustling business landscape, the doughnuts market holds significant potential for growth. With increasing middle-class populations and enhanced living standards, the demand for convenient breakfast options, such as doughnuts, is on the rise. The region's hectic lifestyles have led consumers to seek out doughnut shops for quick, on-the-go meals. Furthermore, the synergy between coffee and doughnuts has resulted in many specialty coffee shops incorporating doughnuts into their menus, catering to the preferences of time-strapped consumers.

The Doughnuts Market t growth and forecasting report also includes detailed analyses of the competitive landscape of the market growth and forecasting and information about 20 market companies, including:

  • Corporativo Bimbo SA de CV
  • Daylight Donut Flour Co. LLC
  • Dough Doughnuts
  • Doughnut Time Ltd.
  • Focus Brands LLC
  • Glory Hole Doughnuts
  • Honey Dew Associates Inc.
  • Inspire Brands Inc.
  • J.CO Donuts and Coffee
  • JAB Holding Co. Sarl
  • Jelly modern doughnuts
  • LaMars Donuts
  • Mad Over Donuts
  • Maple Donuts Inc.
  • McDonald Corp.
  • MTY Food Group Inc.
  • Restaurant Brands International Inc.
  • Starbucks Corp.
  • Sugar Shack Donuts and Coffee
  • Yum Yum Donut Shops Inc.

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Research Analysis Overview

The doughnuts market presents emerging opportunities for eggless, premium bakery foods, including protein-rich doughnuts. Inventory management is crucial in the baking process to ensure production efficiency. Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being utilized in the industry to optimize production and improve quality. The market caters to various preferences, such as bread rolls, gluten-free, keto, sugar-free, handcrafted, and culturally diverse options like cake doughnuts and fried dough. The snacking habit of the working population drives the demand for convenience foods like doughnuts, which are available at food stalls, supermarkets, bakeries, and even in the comfort of one's home. Deep-fried doughnuts continue to be popular, but innovation in shapes and flavors keeps consumers engaged.

Market Research Overview

The doughnuts market encompasses a wide range of eggless, premium bakery foods, including doughnuts, pies, bread rolls, and more. Emerging opportunities exist in the production of protein-rich doughnuts, which cater to the health-conscious adult and child population. Effective inventory management and optimization of the baking process are crucial for ensuring production efficiency. Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in streamlining operations and enhancing product quality. The doughnut segment includes various types, such as cake doughnuts, yeast doughnuts, and specialty doughnuts like vegan yeast doughnuts, gluten-free doughnuts, keto doughnuts, and sugar-free doughnuts. Handcrafted doughnuts with customization options continue to be popular, while stales, sealing, and glazing techniques ensure longer shelf life and classic taste. Driving factors for the doughnuts market include the convenience of snacking habits, the working population's demand for quick and affordable options, and the widespread availability of doughnuts through retail stores, outlets, and large expansions. The glazed doughnut segment and yeast doughnuts remain staple, popular foods, with various sweet fillings, icing, and toppings like jelly, chocolate drizzle, and sprinkles. The doughnuts market is influenced by cultural preferences, food trends, and health issues such as obesity and diabetes. Calorie content remains a concern, leading to the development of low-calorie snacks and alternatives like fruit-filled, cream-filled, and fruit-flavored doughnuts. The fermentation process contributes to the distinct flavor and airy texture of doughnuts, making them a beloved treat for doughnut enthusiasts worldwide.


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