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11 Dec 2023

Market Expansion of USD 2.27 Billion: Tesco, Costco, and Walmart Revolutionize Retailing with Crayfish

Organized retailing in the crayfish market is revolutionizing supply chains and logistics, led by major retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Tesco. Their expansive reach boosts sales of processed crayfish varieties, available both online and offline, optimizing profit margins and reducing production costs.

Processed crayfish, from tail meat to frozen cooked options, finds a growing market in major chains like Walmart, while its inclusion in dishes at restaurants and QSRs in China and the US widens its accessibility. Widespread availability through key retailers, online platforms, and eateries is set to drive market advancement of Crayfish Globally.

Between 2022 and 2027, the crayfish market is projected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.48%, leading to an expected market size surge of USD 2.27 billion.

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Overview of Crayfish Market Analysis

Moreover, Affordable aquaculture techniques are fueling market growth, particularly the prevalent method of crayfish farming in cultivated ponds or double-crop rotations, notably within rice fields. This approach is stimulating market expansion as farmers increasingly engage in crayfish cultivation.

The crayfish market thrives on innovation and growth, led by key players like Acadia Crawfish Co. LLC, Alfocan SA, and American Seafoods Co. LLC. Joined by names such as Bocage Crawfish, Cajun Crawfish Co., and Day Boat Seafood LLC, these influencers shape crayfish consumption trends.

Companies like Domstein AS, Fruge Seafood Co., and Happy Crab Seafood drive market growth, while Harlons LA Fish, Kenney Seafood, and Live Aquaponics champion sustainable crayfish farming.

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