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03 Dec 2023

Fueled by Nutritional Benefits, Crab Market to reach USD 5.65 Bn revenue expansion through 2023-2027

Nutritional benefits of crabs and rising awareness about it is propelling the market advancement of crabs worldwide. Significant levels of vitamins, minerals, and proteins may be found in crab.In addition, the anti-inflammatory qualities of crabs might be advantageous for those who suffer from arthritis. It lowers blood pressure as well. Crabmeat's high phosphorous level, which is crucial for supporting tooth and bone health, is another of the seafood's many health advantages. As a result, growing consumer demand for crabs due to its nutritional value is anticipated during the projected period, propelling the growth of the worldwide crab market.

Between 2023 and 2028, the size of the crab market is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.71%, or USD 5.65 billion.

Growing relevance of clean labelling for crabs is the main trend driving market development. The products that customers choose to purchase are heavily impacted by where they come from.

For instance, Customers in the US, for example, believe that foods packaged in the US and Canada are safer. Similarly, the EU plays a vital role in monitoring the production and distribution of seafood products, including crab.

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Crab Market Forecast Analysis

Core offerings by major market players comprise.

  • Bumble Bee Foods LLC offers crab products such as Lump Crabmeat.
  • Cooke Aquaculture Inc offers crabs under its subsidiary Icicle Seafoods.
  • Global Seafood Chile SA: offers crabs such as King Crab.

Businesses are stepping up their battle to gain a wider customer base and expand their markets on a regional and global scale. Maine Lobster Now LLC, Mazzetta Co. LLC, P and D Seafood Co., Pacific Cove, Pacific Seafood Group, SEA DELIGHT LLC, Seaview Crab Co. are big shots when it comes to the offering highest quality products.

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