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24 Oct 2023

Concierge Medicine Market to exhibit market advancement at a CAGR of 5.98% through 2024-2028

Concierge Medicine Market is estimated to grow by USD 6,377.67 Mn at a CAGR of 5.98% between 2023 and 2028. 

The growing Geriatric population has resulted in an increase in expenditure on healthcare, disease diagnosis, and treatment owing to the prevalence of diseases, such as lung disease, cancer, and stroke, high among the aging population. Therefore the rising need for diagnostic testing due to their low immunity and metabolism is propelling the Concierge Medicine Market advancement.

According to data shared by the United Nations, the number of persons aged 80 years or over is expected to triple, from 143 million in 2019 to 426 million in 2050.

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Snapshot of Concierge Medicine Market Segment Analysis

Concierge Medicine Market Segmentation Analysis: When it comes to segmentation analysis of the overall market, Technavio's research captures the growth trajectory of the market and provides a detailed analysis of the market growth segment-wise.

  • The market can be segmented by application segment includes primary care, pediatrics, cardiology, internal medicine, and others, followed by the ownership segment includes group and standalone, and lastly, the geography segment includes key regions such as North America, Europe, Asia, and Rest of World (ROW).
  • 45% of the growth of the global market during the forecast period will be generated from North America, with the US and Canada being the leading revenue-generating countries in the region. The presence of key market players ensures the easy availability of concierge medicine services in the region.

Discover more insights from our best-selling sample report on the Concierge Medicine Market. Techavio's report offers an up-to-date analysis of the current global market scenario, the latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment segment-wise.

Concierge Medicine Market: Competitor Analysis: Leading Companies such as Cambell Family Medicine, Concierge Consultants and Cardiology, Crossover Health, Destination Health, MDVIP, MedFind, Ochsner Health, PartnerMD, Peninsula Doctor, Perlman Clinic, Priority Physicians Inc., Scripps Health, Sharp Healthcare, Signature MD, Solv Health Inc., Specialdocs Consultants LLC, UC San Diego Health, Ziff Davis Inc., ZocDoc Inc., and Winstead PC are some of the major market participants. Our report comes with a profiled analysis of the market pioneers.

 The report provides insights into the following FAQs:

  1. What is the market CAGR?
    The market is accelerating at a CAGR of 5.98%.

  2. What is the incremental growth of the market?
    The market is expected to grow by USD 6377.67 Mn through 2024-2028.

  3. What is a key factor driving this market?
    The growing geriatric population will drive market growth over the forecast period.

  4. What are the key regions covered in this market research report?
    North America, Europe, Asia, and the Rest of the World (ROW) are the key regions featured in this research report.

  5. Which is the leading geographic region for this market:
    45% growth will originate from North America.

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