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01 Dec 2022

Cloud Data Warehouse Market to Grow at 27.38% CAGR Over 2023-2027 

The cloud data warehouse market share is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.38% between 2022 and 2027. The growing penetration of IoT-enabled devices and the growing need for edge computing provides a promising ground for the cloud data warehouse market. 

Technavio’s analysis on “Cloud Data Warehouse Market by Industry Application, Deployment, and Geography - Forecast and Analysis 2023-2027” reveals that the IoT-enabled devices have led to an exponential increase in data center network traffic over the years by transferring more data-to-data centers.   

These factors have the need for effective data storage and data analytics. In order to drive business intelligence insights, enterprises started investing in storage systems and big data analytics to manage and analyze the data effectively. 

Cloud Data Warehouse Market to Grow at 27.38% CAGR Over 2023-2027

Public Segment to be the Fastest-Growing Cloud Data Warehouse Market 

The cloud data warehouse market is segmented by deployment (public and private) and geography (North America, Europe, APAC, Middle East and Africa, and South America). 

The increasing globalization and the growth of the IT, BFSI, education, healthcare, and retail sectors will increase the public segment growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, the demand for public cloud service is rising due to an increase in the number of SMEs in developing economies such as China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico, which will demand solutions for business-related insights, including data storage. 

Vendor Lock-in Issues Pose a Significant Challenge 

Vendor lock-in has become a major challenge to the adoption of cloud computing solutions, primarily due to the lack of standardization. Despite the risks associated with vendor lock-ins, it is possible for enterprises to switch between service providers.  

Major Cloud Data Warehouse Market Vendors 

The market structure is fragmented, and the vendors are implementing various strategies such as technological innovations to compete in the market.  

Accur8 Software - The company offers cloud data warehouse solutions such as Accur8s Data Warehouse as a Service or DWaaS. Through the unified segment, the company renders digital transformation, analytics, data virtualization, data warehouse, and data migration services. 

Some of the major Cloud Data Warehouse Market Vendors are Accur8 Software, Actian Corp., Alibaba Cloud, Inc., Cloudera Inc., Google LLC, Hewlett, Packard Enterprise Co., Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., International Business, Machines Corp., Microsoft Corp., Oracle Corp., Panoply Ltd., Rand Group LLC, SAP SE, Sigma Computing Inc., SingleStore Inc., Snowflake Inc., Talend SA, Tencent Holdings Ltd., Teradata Corp., Technology Shanghai Co. Ltd. 

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Key Data Covered in the Cloud Data Warehouse Market report  

  • Precise market size estimation during the forecast period 2023-2027.

  • CAGR of the cloud data warehouse market forecast during 2023-2027.  

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  • Prediction of the upcoming trends, drivers, and factors that challenge the cloud data warehouse market.  

  • Cloud data warehouse market growth across North America, Europe, APAC, Middle East and Africa, and South America. 

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