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05 Aug 2023

Cheese Market is a billion-dollar industry in the making with North America being the major contributor

Cheese consumption has grown significantly across the world as cheese has become a staple food item for many households and is enjoyed in various forms, from sliced cheese for sandwiches to shredded cheese for pizza toppings and grated cheese for pasta dishes. It is estimated to be a billion-dollar market in making with humongous revenue growth of USD 39.08 billion with accelerating growth at a CAGR of 4.54% between 2022 and 2027. 

"Technavio’s research report traces the growth trajectory of the market and provides a detailed analysis of the prevalent market forces, trends, and drivers which are likely to impact the market in focus."

Market Segment Analysis of the  Cheese Market: When it comes to segment analysis the Cheese market can be segmented depending on several factors be it type, fastest-growing segment, fastest-growing region, or the overall geography of the market landscape.

  • The Cheese Market covers market segmentation by product (natural cheese and processed cheese), distribution channel (offline and online), and geography (North America, APAC, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa).
  • As per data, Natural cheeses made up an important proportion of the total cheese market revenue in 2022. It is also estimated the growth of the natural cheese segments will be significant during the forecast period driven by the consumer's preference to buy authentic and high-quality cheeses.
  • Speaking of the fastest-growing region segment North America is estimated to contribute 39% to the growth of the global market with the US being the region's largest market for cheese. Preference for convenience foods and the acceptance of snacks made of cheese are significant growth contributors across this region.

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 Cheese Market Segment at a Glance

Key Companies and their key offerings: Our report offers in-depth insights into key vendor profiles with a wider understanding of the business ecosystem.

  • Agropur Dairy Cooperative offers cheese such as gouda, cheddar, and fontina cheese.
  •  Arla Foods Amba offers cheese under brands such as Arla Cheese and Arka Cheesy.
  •  Britannia Industries Ltd. offers cheese such as Britannia cheese cubes.

Some of the prominent names worth mentioning are Agropur Dairy Cooperative, Arla Foods amba, Britannia Industries Ltd., Brue Valley, Dairy Farmers of America Inc., DANA Dairy Group Ltd., Flanders Dairy Products, Fonterra Cooperative Group Ltd., Glanbia plc, Global Foods International Inc., Grande Cheese Co.Groupe Lactalis, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. etc among others. Download our report today for detailed insight.

The report provides insights into the following FAQs:

  1. What is the market CAGR?
    The market is accelerating at a CAGR of 4.54%.

  2. What is the incremental growth of the market?
    The market is expected to grow by USD 39.08 Bn through 2023-2027.

  3. What is a key factor driving this market?
    The rising adoption of cheese products in different cuisines will drive market growth over the forecast period.

  4. What are the key regions covered in this market research report?
    North America, APAC, Europe, South America, and Middle East and Africa are the key regions featured in this research report.

  5. Which is the leading geographic region for this market:
    39% growth will originate from North America

  6. What are the market segments covered in this report?
    The market is segmented by Product (Natural cheese and Processed cheese), Distribution Channel (Offline and Online), and Geography (North America, APAC, Europe, South America, and Middle East and Africa)
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