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17 Feb 2024

Artificial Nails Market Eyes USD 303.92M Boost through 2023-2027

The artificial nails market is poised for substantial growth, with an anticipated CAGR of 6.04% from 2023 to 2027, projecting an increase of USD 303.92 million. Market advancement is fueled by the burgeoning popularity of nail art, the proliferation of nail salons, and the diverse availability of artificial nail types. Companies are actively pursuing market expansion strategies to leverage this period of growth.

“Ardell International Inc., a key player, offers an extensive range of cosmetic products, encompassing eyelashes, artificial nails, and eyebrow products.”

Companies, like Ardell International Inc, Chillhouse LLC, Clutch Nails, Cuccio Naturale, KISS Products Inc., and others are strategically shaping the market through alliances, partnerships, and innovative product launches.

Segmentation Insights:

The market's segmentation analysis covers artificial nail types (acrylic, gel, and others), distribution channels (offline and online), and geography (North America, Europe, APAC, South America, and Middle East and Africa).

When it comes to the fastest-growing segment, acrylic nails, stand out for its two-week durability, driving substantial market share growth, especially among teenagers, ensuring a swift upward trajectory

Regionally, North America takes the lead, contributing 41% to the global artificial nails market growth. The region witnesses a spike in the fashion industry, supporting the market's rapid expansion. The United States, Canada, and Mexico play pivotal roles, with a flourishing nail care services industry driving market growth. The North American market is characterized by a rise in nail salons and a growing preference for nail care services.

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Nail Art and social media Propel Industry Expansion

The artificial nails market flourishes with the growing trend of nail art, transforming global manicure preferences. Salons worldwide now offer a diverse range of services, including intricate designs and personalized nail shapes. Simultaneously, the market experiences an upswing driven by elevated customer engagement on social media platforms, serving as a powerful conduit for beauty brands to connect with a vast global audience

Future Outlook and Opportunities:

The artificial nails market presents lucrative opportunities, with potential growth highlighted by SWOT analysis, market dynamics, and the feasibility of new investment projects. As consumer preferences evolve, innovative product types, such as Xylonite, Nylon, Plastic, and others, continue to shape the market landscape, making it a dynamic and promising sector.

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