Authored By: Sarah
15 Jan 2024

Surge in E-commerce Sales Propels Global Air Cargo Market to New Heights with 19.52 Million Tons Forecasted Expansion


The Global Air Cargo Market is poised for a substantial uplift with a projected CAGR of 5.32% from 2022 to 2027, forecasting an impressive market expansion of 19.52 million tons.

E-commerce Elevates Market Dynamics: A pivotal driver, the surge in e-commerce sales is fueling the global air cargo market. The rise of online sellers and the growing army of digital shoppers necessitate efficient air cargo services for timely deliveries, creating a robust demand in the market.

When it comes to market trends, the air cargo industry anticipates a rising trend in demand for temperature-sensitive products. Stakeholders in the cold chain industry, particularly pharmaceutical companies, rely on air transport for swift and secure deliveries of time-sensitive products. Initiatives like the IATA's CEIV Pharma certification aim to enhance compliance, security, and efficiency, boosting the global air cargo market's capabilities in handling temperature-sensitive cargo.

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Market Players Pave the Skyway: Leading players in the Air Cargo Market are strategically positioning themselves for market dominance. Emirates SkyCargo, FedEx Corp., and Singapore Airlines Cargo are implementing diverse strategies, including alliances and geographical expansions, to solidify their market presence.

Forecast and Collaboration: As online sales continue to rise; the air cargo market is expected to experience sustained growth. Collaborative efforts, as seen in the partnership between Logistics UK and Aberdeen Standard Investment's AIPUT, are crucial for influencing government action and shaping the future of air freight cargo.

In essence, the global air cargo market is navigating a transformative journey, propelled by the e-commerce boom, emerging trends in temperature-sensitive cargo, and strategic maneuvers by industry leaders. Stakeholders are urged to stay tuned for a forecasted flight into a future marked by innovation and efficiency. Dive deeper into the insights—request a sample report to navigate this dynamic landscape 

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